Grading and Marking Services

Grading and marking services

We offer full in house Grading and Marking Services.  Whether you are sizing a single size or 10 sizes, we have you covered.   

Pattern World Inc. Grading

At Patterns World Inc, we pride ourselves on using Optitex, which is one of the best CAD pattern making software out in the market today. Optitex, is the leading provider of integrated 2D CAD and 3D digital product solutions for the garment industry when it comes to pattern making, digitizing, grading and marking.  Patterns World Inc. is a proud member of the Optitex family, helping us offer industry specific solutions that enable digital transformation across multiple platforms for our clients.


Digitizing has become the most popular method of converting manual patterns to digital form. Available as a separate service or included in our packages, the service streamlines file sharing between clients and their factories.  The patterns to be digitized are placed under the special digitizing sheet and a cursor reads important points on the contour, grain line, notches etc. Multiple patterns can be collected and inputted in our system. The process is simple, fast and efficient.  Best of all, this service is free with our Production Patterns and Grading Services.


When it comes to grading, we offer a full array of grading options.  Whether you’re grading a size range of S,M,L…10,12,14,16…we can accommodate you.  We even specialize in lingerie bra cup grading.  Our software is designed to be simple and easily understood. The different sizes are color-coded for better clarity for the designers and factories. We have an extensive library of grading rules available from children’s garments to gowns. Measurements can be exported in MS Excel to create and compare with size charts.  In addition, we can:

  • Quickly adjust pattern sizing to fit the entire range of your products, including complex size variations
  • Simultaneously grade different pieces and values
  • Implement simple notch and split parts grading, angle grading for complex shapes, alteration grading for interim sizes and variable grading for larger sizes.
grading and marking


At Patterns World Inc., we offer complete solutions for fast, easy and accurate marker making. Markers save valuable time, money, and resources by reducing material costs and associated wastage at every point in the production cycle. With this service, clients are able to go directly from receiving the order to cutting fabric in the shortest possible time to profit, reduce waste, speed time to market. We will even check the markers for you prior to cutting.  In addition:

  • Once a pattern has been approved for production and graded, Marker arranges patterns in the most material, cost-saving manner, taking into consideration fabric type, width and design
  • We can control and group placement of pieces by virtually any attribute, and place restrictions on markers such as fabric types and orientation pieces.
  • Color coding optimization improves useage up to 2-3% to get the most use of your shaded fabric.
  • Support for material flaw zones to work around damaged or unusable sections, while enabling the greatest yield possible from the remaining materials
  • Batch Marker making lets us streamline your workflow and save time by aggregating multiple PDS files for marking and nesting
  • Adding markers per material, PDS or style and automatically compile them together to create single or multiple markers is a breeze.
  • We can save and generate a report of material consumption and cost calculations that can be exported to MS Excel or PDF.