Our Story

Patterns World Inc. has been specializing in pattern making and sewing sample services in the garment district of Los Angeles for over 25 years. 

THe Megrikian Family

Started over 25 years ago, Patterns World Inc. is a 3rd generation and family owned business located in the historical Garment District of downtown Los Angeles. The business was originally started by Iskuhi, who taught garment making in Europe for 30 years. The company didn’t reach its full potential until Zara, her daughter, opened the first location in the famous Cooper Design Space building after she graduated from FIDM with honors. Zara elevated the art of pattern and garment making to a whole new level by working with fashion industry elites from across the world. Her clients varied from a wide array of celebrities, designers and companies such as Oakley, Ugg Australia, Seven Jeans, Universal Studios and many other who came to seek her expertise. Her talents as a patternmaker were unmatched in the industry.

Today, the company is owned and operated by Zara’s daughter, Kristine, who is herself an established designer. Her line, Tristan + Trista, is currently sold in the US. Besides running her own successful Contemporary Women’s Ready to Wear Collection, Kristine also manages and runs the development department of the company atelier, which helps new and established designers produce their collections. The company fully supports designer autonomy over their brands and strives to bring high-end quality to luxury brands all over the US and abroad. The company fully believes and supports the movement to bring back and preserve the “old school” integrity of handmade craftsmanship pride in Los Angeles; an identity that the Los Angeles garment industry has struggled with for decades.

Kristine is currently in the process of expanding to a second location in Milan, Italy. Her clients will have access to both locations and hopefully the bridging of the entertainment and fashion centers of the worlds will benefit all those who dream before they create.